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‘Summer Snow’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Summer Snow’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation


 Summer Snow

When Susan Benson died, it forever changed her husband Dan, and kids Julie, David, and Hallie. Forced to find a new “normal,” the Benson’s must now re-learn how to be a family and each figure out who they are without the “guiding light” that was their mom and wife.

The Benson’s were always a family of faith, but now that faith has been shaken and they are not sure where God fits into this new reality. But just as God often answers prayer in unique and unexpected ways, Susan provides comfort and words of wisdom when each person needs it most, setting her family on a path of healing and hope.


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Summer Snow

A truly inspirational film that shows how 1 life really can make a difference.  It brought encouragement to me and reminded me a little of ‘Pollyanna‘, one of my all time favorite films.  Here are some highlights:

  • Parts of this film were VERY realistic, especially the struggles the little girl went through trying to help her friend.
  • So heartbreaking seeing just 1 parent balance taking care of the children.  It is hard enough for a single mom, but a single dad, seems even more difficult.
  • Loved the conversations between the dad and the oldest daughter.
  • The idea that you can’t give up on someone when they need you.
  • The message that God is MORE than enough. He really is!

Rachel EgglestonRachel Eggleston

My favorite character in this film was by far, Rachel Eggleston, who played Hallie.  This girl had me giggling throughout this film, such a delight to watch her and what great lines they gave her.  Reminded me of the verse “And a little child shall lead them”.  We could all learn a lesson from the genuineness of this little child, a true example of Christianity…not perfect, but so loving and persevering.  Pre-buy until February 3, 2015.


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