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‘The Carpenter’s Miracle’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

The Carpenter’s Miracle

Josh is just an average carpenter in a small town, but when his touch miraculously brings a dead boy back – a boy he tried valiantly to save when he fell into a freezing lake – things spin totally out of control. The media quickly rushes to promote this feel-good Easter story and proclaims that it is a real miracle. However, there are those who are determined to debunk the entire story through any means necessary and Josh and the boy’s mother are thrust into a whirlwind they never expected. Through humor and faith and a budding romance, Josh works at returning to his normal life.  Based on the book by the same name.


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This movie starts with an intense beginning and I know it sounds strange but while he is running with the boy he falls and I thought that was realistic. I like when a movie shows something realistic.

The film quality, acting, cinematography was really good but I just didn’t find any Christianity in it at all.  I tried to find some point to the film but I was left still wondering what was the point.  This is based on a book so I wonder if there was any Christianity or any need for God in the book but just left out in the movie.

The main character wasn’t a godly man, not showing himself as a Christian, but with the gift of healing.  It was just sort of strange to me.  It’s rare that I leave a negative review for a film but in this case I was disappointed.

Tell me what you thought about it…

There is a study guide that goes along with this film…This may add some real blessing to this movie!



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