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“The Happy Caterpillars” ~ CFDb Movie Review

The Happy CaterpillarsThe Happy Caterpillars

When rising waters trap four very different travelers in a remote cabin, the reluctant team must survive wildlife, the elements, and each other.



Sneak Preview

Main guy and girls

CFDb Movie Review

This movie is about prayer and the part it plays in our everyday lives.  The question is asked, why wait to pray until the crisis comes.  Great question to ask!  We should be praying every day, many times a day and even as Paul tells us – to Pray without ceasing!  How many of us have mastered that one?

main girls

I think my favorite part was when it came to Ted telling his story.  This was done in such a unique way.  I love when a film does something unique.

There is a song at the end that is really catchy!  That was my favorite song in the movie as well but the rendition of “O Holy Night” was fantastic as well.

Now, as far as the movie title goes, What do you think it really means?

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