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‘The Letter Writer’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘The Letter Writer’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Highest Recommendation



When Maggy Fuller, a rebellious and troubled teenager, receives an old fashioned letter in the mail from an unknown source, she can’t imagine who could have so many wonderful things to say about her. After all, she is all but invisible to her father and a disappointment to her mom. So she tracks down the mysterious author of the letter and uncovers someone she has never met—but someone who seems to know her better than anyone else in her life.


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I want to HIGHLY recommend this film for every person on the face of this planet!  Can you tell how much I LOVED this film?

Maggie is a typical teenager – selfish.  Wait – did I say typical TEENAGER – maybe I could say that for all of humanity – selfish.  Even when we do good things, it still seems to benefit us.  As Christians we are supposed to be like Jesus…SELFLESS!  This is why I love this film so much.

The Letter writer is just that…selfless!

God has been really dealing with me about being a blessing to people.  To purposely do acts of extreme kindness.  This is my ultimate goal.  I may have shared this before but a long time ago I heard a story about a grandmother who never said anything bad about anyone.  So her grandsons decided to trick her and asked her what she thought of the devil.  She thought about it and said, “He sure is a hard worker.”  Ever since that story many years ago, I’ve wanted to be like that.  One day….I’m still working on that one.

So…one thing from this film is definitely worth mentioning.  Do one thing every day that gives purpose to your existence.  We’re all connected!

Also – Determine to use only good words to uplift others.

If wonder what kind of life we would be living if we all took the time to just be encouraging to others, family, friends and complete strangers…

Even the ending was FABULOUS!  DO NOT MISS THIS FILM!

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