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‘The Pastor’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Pastor’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


The Pastor

A man risen from darkness

‘The Pastor’ is both a dramatic character study and a redeeming parable that has audiences rooting for the underdog. Set in Brooklyn, New York, after a brutal knife attack in prison, a former gang leader ends up in solitary confinement, where he discovers his faith in God and finds his true purpose as a Pastor after being released on parole.

He seeks out the underprivileged youth of his predominantly Hispanic community so that they may find an alternative path to the dangerous gang lifestyle so rampant around them. As turf wars heat up between the two most prominent gangs, one gang leader targets the Pastor’s new mission and community – the church is vandalized, his life is threatened and his estranged wife is kidnapped.

Fighting his inner demons and violent instincts, the Pastor must decide between maintaining his newfound faith or returning to the cold-blooded killer he once was.

Sneak Preview


I love the quote from the above picture which is really the main message of the film.  “Everybody has a past. Everyone has the potential to change.  Here were a few highlights:

  • You cannot serve 2 masters.
  • We must make a choice to follow God no matter what.

My favorite part of the movie was towards the end that takes place at the prison.  You’ll have to watch the film to understand.  It’s a powerful moment.

For more about the film, check out the CFDb Interview with Arturo Muyshondt.

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