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The Power of Film

The Power of film, Christian movie, christian film, dvdThe Power of Film

A couple of weeks ago we received an AMAZING e-mail from Rich Christiano of

In this e-mail was such a powerful statement made by a preacher name John R. Rice and it was written in 1938.  Tell me what you think about it!

Movies are the rival of churches, the perverter of morals, the tool of greed, the school of crime, the betrayer of innocence. They glorify impurity as love, picture murder as entertainment. They exalt nakedness and indecency as beauty. They show drinking, divorce, reveling, gambling, revenge, and gun fights as proper and legitimate. Movies ruin the spiritual influence of Christians. They debauch the minds of children, inflame the lusts of youth, harden the hearts of sinners. They are a trap for souls, a mocker of God, a curse to America!

WOW, what a statement!  God is convicting more and more people of this truth!  Just this week I had a friend tell me they finally got rid of their cable.  If that’s what it takes to walk closer to Jesus then I agree entirely!

I watched another program that talked about movies and entertainment.  They defined entertainment as follows:

  • Enter – To Enter In
  • Tain – To Take Hold Of
  • Ment – The act of

So entertainment becomes the Act of entering in and taking hold of…

That statement really made me think of who is in charge of the media – the devil mostly!  That is why it’s even more important that Christians takes a stand against this evil and quit going along with the world.

I John 2:15 – Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Time Changer

 Time Changer

Time Changer is one of those films that I LOVE and have watched several times.  The main reason is because it deals with this very subject.  It takes you on a journey that shows us how and where our every day decisions have led us.  We are reaping what we have sown.  Time Changer is serious, yet humorous and really makes you ask, “How is God speaking to me through this film?  What changes do I need to make?”


The Purpose of Christian Film

A friend of mind this week revolutionized my life by asking me a serious question about a decision I was trying to make.  She said, “What’s the purpose?”  This question startled me into reality.  I had become so lost in reasoning and figuring things out I had forgotten the entire purpose.

So, this is my question to all those Christian filmmakers out there, “What is the purpose of your Christian film”?

  • Will this film glorify God?  (Would God approve of it?)  If the answer is no, it’s time to seriously pray!
  • Will this film bring someone to Christ, sow a seed of Christianity in them, strengthen the faith of a believer?  If the answer is no, again it’s time to pray and figure out how the movie can be changed to fix the problem.

A Christian movie NEEDS to have purpose, otherwise it’s pointless!

CFDb offers a great resource for Christian Filmmakers on our Helpful Sites page.

We also offer an e-book on “How to Make a Great Christian Film“.  Take advantage of these tips and resources.

Just because God placed a desire in your heart to make a Christian film, it still takes time and training.  If the purpose is to glorify God and reach others for Him, then the film must be done well.  You really need to make sure you have focus groups watch your film (not family members and friends) – pull people off the streets, Christians and Non-Christians.  Find out what people REALLY think about your film!

The chapters included in the e-book are:

  • Discover & Focus
  • Making A Godly Script
  • Create Storyboards & Trailers
  • Funding
  • Finding Cast & Crew
  • Post-Production Review
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

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