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The Resurrection Project – Come Join the Excitement!

 Have you been part of the buzz about

Come join the excitement!
Don’t forget to take note of the contest if you become a
Spiritual Producer.

They are NOW fundraising through!

David Wood, the Executive Producer, speaks out in the Christian Post and says he would like to see this materialize as the sequel to the “Passion of the Christ”.

READ the articles  here:

CHRISTIAN POST – Hollywood Producer aims for God’s sequel to “The Passion

CHRISTIAN POST – Hollywood Prayer Leader on Movie’s Executive Board

How can YOU get involved?


There are 3 main ways YOU can get involved:

Donate – To donate –

We want to be accountable so all financial donations and investments will be secure in a legal trust fund run by an entertainment law firm. Once we get into production only minor expenses will be used to keep this project going, and moneys will be used for scriptwriting, hiring production teams, and casting actors.

From the profits, we will return to all the investors who invested in the LLC of the movie. The profits will also help non-profit organizations, including our Special Partners, and other family faith filmmakers in funding their film projects so that we can keep this family faith movement going. We will also be using the profits to build a movie studio for God that will handle financing, marketing, and distribution of other family faith-based movies.

More details to come.

Pray – To Pray

Every aspect of this film relies on the direction of God through prayerful discernment and the faith of a unified team of believers from all over the world.

The most important aspect of this movie is prayer. We want to be biblical, prayerful, discerning and obedient to what God desires to do with the all aspects of this movie.  This is about presenting the “resurrected Jesus” to the entire world through the media of film and the talent, expertise and quality of Hollywood.

It is our desire to from a group of people who will actually pray for all aspects of this project.  Scripture tells us in Philippians, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” Phil 4:6 (NLT).   It is our belief that without prayer we will not be in the position that God wants us to be in order to make this movie.  If you have a desire to see what God can do in Hollywood and throughout the entire world and want to help us pray in this major event that will affect every person that is involved with it, please send us the following information.  We will put you on an email list and we will be sending out prayer request so that you can also be a major part in helping us make this movie.

Promote – To Promote –

Please spread the Good News about this wonderful project to your family, friends, and other organizations. We will be using all forms of media (i.e. internet, TV, newspaper, radio, magazines, church outreach materials, speaking engagements, contests, etc.) Please send us any ideas that you have, and please keep in touch for updates. We are on this journey together.

Can you imagine?  Picture it!  Remember how BIG “The Passion of the Christ” was and is!

“The Resurrection” begins after the death of Jesus.  It shows WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!  Taking the life of the Jesus to the NEXT level…HE IS RISEN!


The Movement


Here is how major motion pictures are normally shot: They are scripted, shot, edited and released. That’s when the marketing usually comes in—after the movie is produced. The Resurrection Project is doing things quite differently.

For example, rather than financing the film through producers and investors at the beginning, the vision we have here is to generate global awareness via grassroots marketing and unite all believers in Christ. The global marketing project will proceed through the final stages of production, which includes editing the film and adding the soundtrack.

On the opening weekend of the film’s worldwide release it will not only be shown in movie theaters, but we will also stream it live to churches, homes, schools, hand-held devices, such as Smart phones, tablets, computers, and lap tops around the globe. By using this streaming technology this will be a major feature film release on a worldwide scale that has never been done before.

This will all come to fruition through God’s direction when the body of Christ is moved by faith to unify for The Resurrection Project. That means you become Spiritual Producers of the film.

What is a Spiritual Producer?

A Spiritual Producer is an individual who has donated a minimum of $25 or more to the not-for-profit, pledged to pray for the Resurrection Project, spread the word (i.e. via Facebook, Twitter) and/or committed a serious capital investment in the project with a financial return.

As a Spiritual Producer, you will have the opportunity to participate in the screenplay process by submitting ideas for the script, helping select the actors, and appointing world class screenwriters, producers, and cast members to shoot the movie in Israel.

Each and every Spiritual Producer will receive credit and acknowledgment on the website.

In addition to becoming a Spiritual Producer, you will be able to enter a contest to:

  • Win an all-expenses paid  trip to the set while we’re shooting the movie in Israel
  • Be one of five young people to be a part of the production process as Production Assistants (must be over 18 years of age)
  • Interview and hang out with the director and actors
  • Go to the movie premiere in Hollywood
  • Win an acting role in the movie
  • Be one of five winners who will be part of the production team in some capacity
  • Get a free DVD of the movie when it is released

Come join God’s movement, and become a Spiritual Producer by helping us to steward this amazing film and spread the story of the greatest demonstration of love ever told.


If you have any questions or would like to bring this amazing project news to your church, conference or event, please contact:


Executive Producer – David Wood
Tel – (310) 717-4164
Email –


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  1. 26 April 12, 12:13pm

    Thanks so much for adding this. I am very excited to be part of the social media team working with The resurrection Project! This is going to be an awesome film!

  2. Annelie says
    26 April 12, 6:18pm

    For anyone who might be interested in finding out more information about the film project, please contact David Wood –

    He will be able to direct you to the right person if he cannot answer your questions personally.


  3. 11 July 12, 4:19pm

    This is one of the most exciting and relevant projects I have ever had the privilege to be associated with. While only a newcomer to the project, so far it has been a great experience.
    But in order to make this a success, we need your participation. So please contact Executive Producer David Wood and visit the websites which detail the production.

    Bryce D Neier
    Fayetteville, NC

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