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‘This is Our Time’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

This is Our Time

Ethan, Luke, Alé, Ryder and Catherine are five friends connected by their strong faith. After graduating college, they each set out to make a difference in the world for God. Their ambitions are high, their passions are strong but will they have the courage to fulfill their calling regardless of what comes their way. The sacrifice they are asked to pay may just be too high. Through godly wisdom from an outside source, the group realizes that this is not their time after all, it’s all His!



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Loved this film!  It was fantastic!  The title is great too – ‘This is our Time’ – to Seize God’s Calling.  What is God’s calling on your life?  God has a purpose for each of us!

In one couple’s life they were called to serve at Embrace a Village.  Embrace a Village, a Christian non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, exists to help transform the lives of leprosy victims and their families. Their mission is to bring Jesus Christ’s message of hope and healing.  To achieve their vision within each leprosy colony, we raise the standard of living for leprosy victims across India and help them to help themselves integrate back into mainstream Indian society through relief projects, education and spiritual ministries.

This film is funny, yet VERY serious.  Many topics are addressed that usually filmmakers stay away from.  There is some great dialogue done in this film.

A few thoughts came while watching this film:

  • Are we, as Christians, listening to hear God’s voice, to really know His calling?
  • Are we blooming where we are planted because we don’t know what His ultimate plan is?
  • Why do we have to figure out the why instead of just trusting God.  We try and wrap our heads around why bad things happen but we can’t always do that.  Some things will never make sense.
  • Is it really OUR time or is it GOD’s time?  Our lives are really supposed to revolve around God or should be.  We are always trying to look at it from our perspective, but God looks at things entirely different than us.
  • One minute life is great, the next something inexplicable happens.  Isn’t that the truth!

It’s difficult to say everything I want to say because I don’t want to give any spoilers but there is a point where the attitude is that God will protect us because we are doing His work, because we are faithful, but this isn’t realistic.

Great song at the end as well!  There is a definite sermon in this film based on all the dialogue.  We highly recommend this film.  It’s powerful and gives you a LOT to think about.


There is a Study Guide available.


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  1. 31 May 13, 9:37pm

    Awesome film. A very worthy film. We need more like this. Thank you to Lisa Arnold, writer/director, and all the actors and others who worked on the film. I emailed the study guide link to my wife and daughter tonight. Thank you, again.

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