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‘Ties That Bind:TV Series’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Ties That Bind:TV Series’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Ties That Bind: TV Series

‘Ties that Bind’ revolves around Allison McLean (Kelli Williams), a tough and experienced police detective, mother and wife in suburban Seattle.

When she and her police partner (Dion Johnstone) must arrest her brother (Luke Perry) for aggravated assault, her world drastically changes as he’s convicted and sent to prison, leaving his two teenagers teetering on the brink of foster care. Ultimately, she takes them into her home, ending up with four teenagers to raise.

Sneak Preview

Ties that bind

After watching the pilot episode of this series, it looks like it will be an interesting one, especially combining police work and home life with 2 related foster children.  Here were a couple of highlights:

  • The example of the aunt and uncle being tough, but very caring at the same time.
  • It wouldn’t be easy, but it would be right.  (Sounds like a great way to make tough decisions, especially as a Christian.)

Although there was a great prayer before lunch given by the daughter, there wasn’t any other Christianity within the episode.  Hoping that a need for God will be shown in future episodes.

Up Uplifting Entertainment
Pilot Episode – August 12, 2o15 (9pm ET) on UPTV

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