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Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb for October 2013

Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb for October 2013



Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb for October 2013

These are the Top 10 Most Looked at Films on CFDb
for the Month of October, 2013


10 –Love’s Christmas JourneyCFDb Movie Review

9 – The Encounter

8 –Revelation Road 2 – Check out the CFDb Movie Review

7 – The Book of Daniel

6 –Unstoppable

5 – I’m in Love with a Church Girl

4 – The Reckoning

3 – When Calls the HeartCFDb Movie Review

2 –Grace UnpluggedCFDb Movie Review

1 – God’s Not Dead– This film topped our views this past month with 8,791 views according to our Google stats. The Trailer went viral this month so that is probably why this jumped up to #1.  Really looking forward to watching this one.



Honorable Mentions

I have to give an honorable mention here – Superbook: the Series made it to #19 with 952 hits according to our Google stats.  FANTASTIC SERIES.  One of our favorites for kids.

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  1. Paul oppong says
    03 March 14, 5:25am

    Please I need the reckoning movie to buy but if I click on the buy, it doesn’t allow me. Help me out please
    thank you

  2. Annelie says
    03 March 14, 2:40pm

    Sorry it’s not available yet.


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