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Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb for April 2013


Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb for April 2013

These are the Top 10 Most Looked at Films on CFDb
for the Month of April, 2013

10 –Meant to Be – Highly Recommended Film although NOT for children!

9 – The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost

8 – Left Behind: The Remake

7 – Not Today

6 – The Encounter

5 – Home Run – Great Movie – CFDb Movie Review

4 – This is Our Time – Another HIGH recommendation – CFDb Movie Review

3 – Revelation Road

2 – The Bible: Miniseries – This film had 10,022 views this month.

1 – Revelation Road 2 – This film had 12,978 views this month and the film hasn’t even been released yet.  Lots of comments made on the film page, as well as for Revelation Road.

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  1. kimberley says
    02 May 13, 12:45pm

    If you think THE BIBLE SERIES Was in this list,youall sadly mistaken. many christian churches banned ir for being scripturally Wrong, they slyly added their own ideas for their NEW AGE AGENDAS. BOTH DOWNEY AND HUBSBAND BURNETT Openly Admitted it,on OPRAH ‘S Show, that neither were Christians, but NEW AGERS,Thats why that weird NEW AGE Music played through it. IF You re watch this LIE Have your BIBLE OPEN and follow it,you’ll see the errors and changing scriptures. GOD SAID through JOHN IN REVELATION ,that anyone adds or changes this prophecy will be cursed. NEW AGE IDEOLOGIES ARE A CALF CULT.Remember JESUS SAId and JAMES TOO SAID” In End Times False prophets And Teachings will come to lead the righteous astray. then they wrote their own BIBLE TOO? amazing how Satan works through people! YOU Want THE BIBLES TRUTH ? READ IT, But dont watch and believ what DOWNEY AND BURNETT MADE AS TRUTH. It isnt ! GOD HELP YOU ALL IF YOU SWAY FROM GODS TRUTH.

  2. Annelie says
    03 May 13, 10:05am

    Hi Kimberley,

    This is in the list – Christians and non Christians check out this series and that makes it part of the most looked at on the film page on our particular site. If you check out the post you’ll see this is our personal list for CFDb.

    This is the first I’ve actually heard of this accusation as we don’t watch Oprah so it would be difficult to know unless someone mentioned it. Do you have a direct link to the actual episode where this was actually said by them directly? Let me know.


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