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Top 10 Christian Movies on CFDb for February 2013


These are the Top 10 Most Looked at Films on CFDb for the Month of February, 2013

10 – Encounter 2

9 – Love’s Christmas Journey

8 – Finding Faith – HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Get this one shown in your churches!

Call (540) 527- SAFE (7233).

7 – Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea

6 – The Encounter

5 – Heaven is Waiting

4 – Abel’s Field

3 – Left Behind: The Remake

2 – Meant to Be – HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Meant to Be CFDb Movie Review


1 – The Bible: Miniseries  – This comes on the History Channel beginning March 3rd, 2013 – click on the movie page for more details.  This Company is doing an AMAZING job at marketing – they have an active blog page, giveaways, interviews, TV appearances, premiere showings with Roma Downey & Mark Burnett.  This page got 20,040 hits just this month alone on CFDb.  Fantastic!  Our Top 2 ‘Meant to Be’, which is a really powerful movie, received 3,890 hits this past month just so you can see the difference.

If you want to get on the top 10, tell everyone you know to visit your movie page.  We would love to see some surprises on the Top 10 for next month!

There were only 2 news films added to the Top 10 this month!  There are many ways to promote your film!  Send your film to CFDb for a Movie Review, Host a giveaway, Set up e-mail Interviews with CFDb, Advertise with CFDb.  Get your film noticed!

Call us at 719-687-4394 for details or email us.  This is what we do…promote Christian films!

Let CFDb help you!

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