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‘Touched by Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Touched by Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Touched by Grace

“The Senior Prank” (former title) is family drama about a group of popular teenagers who wage a fake campaign to elect a girl with Down syndrome as the school’s Homecoming queen. It is inspired by real bullying events that the teenagers in our community have witnessed happening in their local high schools.

Cara Jarvis longs to be a part of the in-crowd at her new high school. In an effort to impress town hottie Brandon, she befriends Grace, a girl with Down syndrome, a friendship she tries to hide when she meets popular girls Skylar and Quinn. When Skylar loses her bid to be on the Homecoming Court, she sets it up for Grace to win Homecoming Queen … as the Senior Prank. Grace wins, is publicly humiliated, and Skylar rigs it so that Cara takes the blame. Cara must win back Brandon, restore her friendship with Grace, and save her reputation at her school.


Sneak Preview

Touched by Grace Sceen Shot

What a touching film.  Here were some highlights for me:

  • The main character’s mom – it made me appreciate my own mom all the more.  My mom was always kinds to people and there was one scene where I would have been so mad at my mom for interfering.  You’ll know the scene when it comes.
  • LOVED the original “tray” scene.  Can’t give away any spoilers.
  • True Christian characters in this this, especially Grace.  Loved her comment about what a friend is.

This movie begins with a terrible scene of bullying and a disbelief at the cruelty of teenagers.  There has ALWAYS been bullying, even since sin came into this world, in one form or another, and I was not immune to it.  Being the bully at times and being bullied at times, but never to this extreme.  It seems that cruelty and apathy are in abundance these days and I wish more films were made like this to show alternatives to bullying.

 Amber HouseAmber House

Amber House, who played Grace was absolutely fabulous.  What a show of genuine Christian character all throughout this film.


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