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‘Twist of Faith’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Twist of Faith’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


Twist of Faith

Jacob Fisher (David Julian Hirsh), an Orthodox Jewish Cantor and amateur songwriter who resides in Brooklyn, New York, witnesses the senseless murder of his wife and three children.

Catatonic, Jacob walks out on his Jewish mourning ritual, leaving behind his Jewish garments, wallet and keys. Abandoning his identity, he wanders aimlessly, hoping somehow to understand his tragedy. Fortuitously, he lands in Brent, Alabama (population 2,500), where he is embraced by Nina (Toni Braxton), a single mother and the lead singer of a small gospel choir (an unlikely finalist in the competition to determine the best gospel choir in Alabama), her Uncle Moe (Mykelti Williamson) and their gospel community who help his return to life while music brings Nina and Jacob together as they try to make sense of his past and their possible future.



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Very good cast and such a unique film.  Here were some highlights:

  • Loved the relationship of the woman with her ex-husband.  That is the way relationships should be.  As Christians, we need to forgive.
  • Some great humor intermixed to ease the terrible tragedy that occurs during the film.
  • Beautiful singing and beautiful healing.
  • The similarities shown between Christianity and Judaism.
  • The son’s tremendous true faith and Christianity.

I have to say there have only been a few films that made me cry hysterically, but this was one of them.  This film really brought out the reality of what Job must have gone through when he lost everything.  I’ve never met anyone personally that has suffered this great of a loss, all at once.

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Hopefully this will be on DVD soon.

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