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‘The Ultimate Life’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘The Ultimate Life’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


The Ultimate Life

The Ultimate Life – Despite his best intentions, billionaire Jason Stevens can’t find enough time to keep his beloved Alexia a priority. But when he discovers his late grandfather’s journal, he is transported back to Red Stevens’ incredible world. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason Stevens hopes the past will prepare him well for the future.



Sneak Preview

The Ultimate Life, famous quote


This one was a little different from the first one, still very enjoyable and can teach you a lot.  If you are looking for a lot of Christianity in this one, it’s not there.  You can see from the quote above, this is the best part, as far as Christianity goes, this very theme of thankfulness.

The movie itself, was really good, we could have watched another hour or two of Red Stevens’ life.

Roger & I celebrated our 15th anniversary this past week, and this movie was a part of our day trip and overnight stay in Denver, CO.   We were glad to see ‘Unstoppable‘ and ‘Grace Unplugged‘ as two of the previews before the movie.  We were disappointed to see only 10 people at the first showing, which was 10:50am.  Wish it had been a packed theater but this was still a work day for most people.

Here are some of what I liked:

  • Millionaire minds think differently from regular people.  This is definitely true.  Most people live with a mentality that they have to follow in their parents footsteps, and their grandparents before them.  Others say ‘NO’, that’s enough, I’m making something of my life…and they do.  (Even though most claim to do it without God’s help, I truly believe God is still helping them.)
  • Each day to be truly grateful for the little things.  Thanking God for the little things every day.  This is a wonderful way to step out of that negative mindset and enjoy the life God has given us…no matter what that life is.
  • The willingness to work hard and fight for that dream.
  • When dreams are realized, new dreams come.
  • Desire for lots of money without God, fosters greed and selfishness and leads to emptiness.

So…what are the 12 tasks that Jason learned in the first film, The Ultimate Gift, that was gleaned by Red in this film even though all of it wasn’t shown:

  1. The gift of work (he learned to work for his money)
  2. The gift of money (he learned how to handle his money wisely)
  3. The gift of love (he learned to love unconditionally
  4. The gift of friends (he learned to find friends who accept him without his money)
  5. The gift of laughter (he learned to see the joys of life)
  6. The gift of giving (he learned to be generous)
  7. The gift of family (he learned to spend time with his family)
  8. The gift of problems (he learned to face and solve problems for himself)
  9. The gift of learning (he learned to learn…he had to realize he didn’t know everything)
  10. The gift of dreams (he learned to have dreams, dreams for his life)
  11. The gift of gratitude (he learned to be thankful for what he had)
  12. The gift of a day (What would you do with your last day on Earth)


Ultimate Life, another quoteSo…all this leads to a personal story…I was telling God on the drive to Denver (silently), that I wanted to savor and enjoy every moment of this trip…whether good or bad.  Everything was going sort of normal until we checked into our hotel and a certain man, whom I will call Ramon, checked me in.  The hotel atmosphere itself was rather unfriendly…stuffy…and it was confusing where to even check in.  Ramon didn’t smile at me, but spoke the words very carefully during all the check in.  The entire time I just answered with yes, no, thank you.  When I was finished I was still thinking about this man whose face didn’t match his words and it began to ruin my day.  2 hours later, I was still in a sort of bad mood and I couldn’t quite figure out why.

Then comes this man, who holds the door open for us, with a huge  smile on his face, and it brightened up my day immediately.  That was when Roger and I began talking about how that man really made my day and the other one left me feeling empty.  (Now I know you are all thinking…I shouldn’t have let that first man do that to me, it was my own choice) but that isn’t the point of the story…Read on.

All that night I thought about this experience and how I wanted to share it on the blog because that is part of living the ultimate life…the Christian life…to be kind and genuine and smile and reveal Jesus to others.  I made a decision to write a note of encouragement to (Ramon), and dropped the letter off at the check out counter the following morning.  It was the type of letter that would cause Ramon to think, yet be encouraged, without saying anything negative.

I knew it was the right thing to do, and I wished I had done that for others that had affected my life in such a way.  To be more personal, to be more encouraging.  I know this is what Jesus wanted me to do.

God is teaching me the same lessons found in these 2 films, the first being, ‘The Ultimate Gift’.  If you haven’t seen that one, watch ‘The Ultimate Life’ in theaters FIRST, then rent or buy the other one.  You won’t be sorry.


ENJOY this Film and go see it today!!!!!!!!!  Theaters

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