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‘Unconditional’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Unconditional’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation


Joe and Samantha were the most unlikely childhood friends, growing up in a farm town where black and white didn’t mix. Over time they lost touch. Sam never left the pastures of her rural county, yet found great success as a children’s author. Joe fled to pursue the path of a hero only to lose everything and end up in “The Commons”, a project area of the nearby city.

While their choices took them worlds apart, uncontrollable events bring them back together. Sam’s picture perfect life is destroyed when her husband is murdered in “The Commons”. Devastated and lonely, Sam goes to the crime site intent on ending her pain. Instead she becomes the unlikely hero of a little girl whom Joe mentors. While renewing their friendship, Sam and Joe demonstrate their passion to right wrongs in different ways. Joe gives the little he has left to the forgotten children of his neighborhood, while Sam gives up on the good to seek revenge against the man who took her husband.

A riveting story inspired by true events will leave audiences eager to find the hope in unfortunate circumstances and unexpected places.


Sneak Preview

We went to see this movie Friday, 9/21/2012, which was opening day.  WOW – what a film!  Definitely a 5 star movie!  This movie was really a powerful Christian movie, yet in a subtle way.  This is a Christian movie that non-Christians can watch as well, and not be offended, but definitely moved.

Based on a true story, this really brought out real life issues and struggles that Christians face.  I can’t recommend this film enough.  When it comes out on DVD, we’ll be purchasing this film.  It’s a keeper!

The two main actors were fantastic as well.  I have to warn you that tissues may be necessary!  Three things we really loved about this one.

1) The beginning – Very unique

2) The ending – Usually endings are the worst part of the movie for me but this was really well done – brought everything full circle.

3) The middle – it had unexpected surprises

Emily Rollins as Young Sam

This young actress was absolutely ADORABLE in this film.  I look forward to seeing her in future films!  Normally I don’t like flashbacks in films, but they did a great job on this as well.  WELL DONE, all around!


We just rewatched this film last night (2/9/2015) and loved it so much, maybe even better than the first time.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to watch these amazing films again because we are in a different walk with God at different times in our lives.

There was one part that really touched me this time and it was about her husband and his love for all people.  He never saw race, he only saw people possibly needing the Savior or encouragement.  What if every Christian put aside their preconceived ideas and just LOVED?  God loves us ALL and He made us ALL.  If someone is still breathing, there is hope for them.

And the book, FIREBIRD, great story!

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  1. veronica says
    27 September 12, 5:08am

    cant wait to watch the movie….

  2. Cindy says
    29 September 12, 12:26pm

    (I don’t think the tweet link worked right….but I did tweet. I checked)
    I want to see the film sooo bad. I have heard rave reviews!!

  3. Caitlyn Burton says
    29 September 12, 12:35pm

    The movie sounds awesome.

  4. Kote Navarro says
    29 September 12, 12:51pm

    I wanna see the movie. My grandmother wants the books. LOL!

  5. Tom says
    30 September 12, 11:15am

    This Movie looks great!

  6. Amy says
    30 September 12, 11:17am

    Looks good. Would prod shed a few tears during that one.

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