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‘Through the Valley’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Through the Valley’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Through the Valley

When a suburban father named Randy discovers his teenage daughter is having serious behavioral issues, he immediately begins to search for a way to fix the problem. Earlier at a Christian concert his family had committed to sponsor a girl named Umuhoza in Rwanda. Little did he know this simple act would change he and his family forever.

Across the world in Rwanda another dad named William was facing horrible decisions due to the mass genocide that claimed over 800,000 lives. Both fathers were facing great uncertainty and would eventually be connected in America. Through their struggles to provide and protect their families both of their lives would intersect and reveal the power and tapestry of God’s love and guidance for our lives.

Randy and his daughter would find themselves embarking on a most unlikely trip to Rwanda led by William and his wife. Once there, both families would experience the power of forgiveness and would learn that giving to others is the beginning to healing.

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What a fabulous documentary with fantastic cinematography and musical score.  Besides the quality, the content was great and when you hear the narrator, tell me who you think he sounds like…It’s not him, but sounds just like him.

Here are some things that stood out to me:

  • Loved the beginning statement that talked about our lives being filled with peaks and valleys.  We naturally run to the peaks and flee from the valleys.
  • God heals us through caring for others.  (How many of us can truly relate to that statement!)
  • Powerful, heartbreaking story with tremendous healing and forgiveness in the end.
  • Some facts about what happened in Rwanda that are beyond my comprehension.  How could such hate and brutal violence ever exist?
  • God will never leave us, nor forsake us, even in the midst of some of the most terrible tragedies.

This is a film that a lot of parents can relate to.  We live in a world where unthinkable things happen, but there is a God of healing and forgiveness.  We highly recommend this film as it can help in the healing process for parents and those that have experienced any sort of abuse in their lives.


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