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‘Wanted’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Wanted’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation



Just 2 days from turning 18, Luke can’t get out of the foster system before he finds himself faced with a new home, new family, and the trauma of his past.

Packed into the form of a short film, “Wanted” is intended to send an inspiring and motivating message of hope — the hope that a life can eventually be changed because we’re willing to take a risk. Our prayer is that this story will convince people to take that risk.



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Although this is a short film, it’s a powerful one.  You’ll find some true Christianity in action.  If only all foster parents would be willing to go the extra mile, many more lives would be changed for the better.

LOVED the twist at the end.  You’ll have to watch it to find out.

We all want to be wanted…Thankfully we know that there is always ONE that truly loves us and wants us and that is JESUS!

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